COME:ON! was initiated by organizations from the cities of Bologna, Manchester and Rennes. At the beginning of the program, we therefore sought to share our local and transnational experiences as best we could. The young participants, our structures and our links are thus explained through five contents.

Creative delivery in Manchester

In Manchester, an informal group of young people has formed under the name “Remodel Manchester”. In this document, the young people explain their perspective on how to think about the remodeling of their city, sharing a lot of audio and video content as well as their delivery process.

Presentation of the Italian team

To explain their contributions and expectations related to COME:ON!, the Italian youth explain in several short videos why they are involved in their organizations and the link they see with the European network.

Youth mobilizations from Rennes during COME:ON! 1st semester of 2020

In Rennes, youth from Keur Eskemm and d’Ici ou d’Ailleurs met several times in early 2020 to get to know each other and reflect on their commitments within COME:ON!

Scientific article on the circulation of youth work practices between European cities and Rennes

In order to analyze the role of European links in collective engagements in Rennes, a scientific article in the journal “Youth and Globalization” has been written comparing different transnational systems involving youth.

Short article on the practices of youth involved in COME:ON!

In November 2021, during the occupation of a vacant building in Rennes, a group of participants from Latvia, Italy and France conducted a short research about the commitments of the participating youth.

Many of the organizations participating in COME:ON! are involved in social action and reflect a lot on the situations of young people and the most vulnerable people. Here are two pieces of content on this topic, created mainly from experiences in Romania and France.

Empowering youth on the margins to facilitate their social integration

Through a practical case, the association Reset proposes to analyze the challenges of the passage of young people in child protection to the outside world.  Both from the point of view of the method used, the idea of participatory action research, and to accompany young people on the margins, this document can be mobilized in many other contexts, which has already been initiated with other associations in Rennes, during a meeting in Sibiu in October 2021.

Youth social engagement during the covid-19 crisis

During the health crisis, young people from the association Diogene tried to document the solidarity in Timisoara through the program “Civicstream”. In Rennes, the program “Humanités en Quarantaine” was also interested in the actions implemented with the exiled people during this crisis.  Here is a cross discussion of the two initiatives.