The COME:ON! program brings together organizations from Belgium, France, Italy, Latvia, Romania and the United Kingdom, working on youth engagement and the occupation of vacant buildings in Europe. Our common experiences allow us to constitute a system of actors active in various fields of activities that take place in free spaces in Europe: artistic activities, cultural action, social accompaniment of young people and exiled people, housing…

In 2020 and 2021, several activities have been set up to allow the young participants of our organizations to meet and strengthen their practices.  Due to the pandemic, the format of many events have been adapted to be held at a distance or only locally. Between June and December 2021, we finally managed to organize 12 transnational meetings bringing together more than 200 youth in 8 European cities.

Our two-year work, in our respective cities and during the transnational events set up, was structured around five axes presented in the following document. A set of reflections is firstly about the transnational practices of youth collectives in different European cities. Secondly, an important part of our creation concerns the temporary occupation of vacant buildings in Europe. The third axis is our transnational cultural actions. The social engagement with youth on the margins is our fourth axis of reflection. Finally, the transnational artistic creations are the last axis of the program.