Based on the experiences of Baumhaus in Bologna and other partners, here are several contents to share good practices to facilitate and recognize the cultural engagement of young people across Europe.

Toolkit for culture and creativity

This educational program on cultural productions in different cities aims to demonstrate through practice that young people are the driving force behind the renewal and transformation of cities.

Video: Perspectives on culture and reinventing the future

Due to the health crisis, cultural actions have been stopped globally. To understand how these can have a future, we met in images with several cultural actors in Bologna who are thinking about their transformations!

Video: the festival of the future

The concept is BAUM City – the futuristic (sometimes utopian) place where the ideal festival takes place. In the following months, we decided to develop a graphic map / facilitation to tell through images our idea of “the event of the future” and we made a short video to better explain the concept of “Festival of the future”.

The links created between our organizations in 2020 and at the beginning of 2021 have allowed us to work together to create many artistic actions. These creations have the particularity of being all transnational and of having been developed mainly during events organized between July and December 2021 within the framework of COME:ON!, notably by mobilizing vacant buildings across Europe. It is a practical way to show how to use these free spaces in a creative perspective.

Block party in Rennes

In Rennes, Keur Eskemm developed a cultural event in connection with several young Europeans, in July 2021. The role of the participants was then to analyze the process. Several participants wrote a document to explain their perception of this experience.

Video : Parrallel city theater show in Timisoara

In Timisoara, the Diogene association proposed to the COME:ON! participants to take part in the creation of a theater show, in August 2021. The parallel city is a break with the daily city life, which helps the viewer, guided by fictional characters, connect to the deep realities of the neighbourhood. The unprecedented experience created by Ana Margineanu and Peca Ștefan is inspired by the stories documented in the Iosefin district of Timișoara, stories built around mysterious places.

Cultural engagement in Riga

In Riga, vacant spaces allow to support youth engagement practices in the artistic field in particular. In connection with the European event of August 2021 in the framework of COME:ON!.

Theater show in Rennes

In November 2021 in Rennes, young people were able to imagine a play with a professional company, 3e acte, to bring to life a place temporarily occupied in Rennes.

Hip hop songs in Rennes

The association Demozamau proposed to young people from Brussels, Riga and Rennes, to create hip hop sounds. This was developed in an ephemeral studio created during the occupation of a vacant building in Rennes in November 2021.

Graphic art in Bologna and in Rennes

The Collettivo Franco allowed young people from Rennes and Bologna to work on messages about their commitments in vacant places and spaces and to represent them through many silk-screen prints, diffused during the European events of October and November.

Wood construction in Rennes

To fit out the place in November 2021, the young Europeans have created a map of the neighborhood by designing coffee tables representing the links of the place with the territory, in connection with the association “Les Compagnons Bâtisseurs”.

Video : Memory of a former Youth House in Rennes

With the Macadam films, the young Europeans present in Rennes in November 2021 were able to create a film about the history of the place and its place in the neighborhood.

Video : COME:ON! Conspiracy

To explain a possible media perception of the use of a vacant place by young people, the participants of the event in Rennes in 2021 have created a parodic report with the films of macadam and SMK Factory (Bologna).

Video clip of a hip hop song in Brussels and Rennes

A hip hop song was recorded in Rennes in November 2021 with young Belgians active in Maxima, a place managed by Communa in Brussels.This experience having been very appreciated, the Artistory (Brussels), the Films du Macadam and the association of musical production Demozamau recorded the clip during a new exchange with the young people of Brussels in December 2021 in Rennes.