The discovery of Manchester with the eyes of the young people. We saw the city center, raw, chaotic, and got to know a little bit of the history of this city. The working and thinking process really started at the Powerhouse : Young people starting to know each other, to know the suburbs of Manchester. From the center to Moss Side neighbourhood, everything changes as much as our perspective related to our discovery. Point of start. Then an exchange of exchange and knowledge between the participants about the differences and similarities between the cities of belonging followed to start to explore and understand the impact of the political and social decisions from the last years.
Powerhouse is home, and it is the point of start of this journey, by being the place we started to explore freely the city from, and because we got in contact with the experiences of people who live this city. Sport, entertainment and knowledge co-exist in this place in an excellent way. It is the basis that welcomes and refers to the concept of a perfectly integrated citizenship, because it intertwines the history of all cultures.

From the suburbs we moved to the city center and from this discovery came a dialogue and exchange with the people that welcomed us in their little community. The city center, a strong feeling of discomfort by non being able to find the beauty in it. Where do we find the beauty ? 

Less white cultural belonging, platform for discovering new social policies that have very current implications. Exhibition in a central museum : From the discoveries of the origins of the young migrants arrived in Manchester and their feeling of pride of being who they are.

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