This is our evaluation of SAPASS :

This workshop was meant to conclude the SAPASS year in a not-so-heavy way but address every part of it as well. It’s been adapted after a big talk with Teresa, one of the institutionnal person in Italy so we can also think about what it brought to everybody, to the group, and what will happen next.

For exemple, one of the main thing we thought about working on in this workshop was the “qualitative inputs”, because they’re way more difficult to measure compared to quantitative input and show way more the reasons why the project is beneficial.

The idea of this conclusionnal workshop is to have a big tree drawn on a wall/board or on a very big piece of paper then to fill the roots, trunk and branches and leaves.

Material : 

 – Sticky notes (6 colours)

 – Pencils 

 – A big tree (drawn in advance)

Everybody can have as many sticky notes as they want. Each part of the tree is meant to be fill with 2 differents colours each times.

-The branches and leaves represented the Personnal Growth inputs, meaning what it brought to the people in terms of “skills”. It can be material/creative (1 colour) or social (1 colour).

-The trunk represented the indirect growth, meaning : -Impacts on the environment of the people of Sapass (cities,politics,people etc..) (1 colour) and -The futur or presents impacts within the people of SAPASS (1 colour) -Finally, the roots represented the emotional part, meaning what happened deeply for the individuals. It’s the more personnal part of the conclusion. It can be positive (1 colour) or negative (1 colour). The point of this workshop is to reflect on what we learnt this year, realizing everything it brought but also to adress things needed, the things that didn’t work so well or even maybe were really negative for some and maybe work on those in the near futur. Also, it leads to the second part. In the near futur, this workshop could be followed by writing workshops on individual memories/stories.  For 20 minutes, everybody reflected individually then the animators went to stick everything on the wall. It has been asked from the participants to do it this way so we could keep things anonymous. 

What were the workshops results : 

Branches/leaves :

In terms of social skills, the sticky notes said for exemple : 

      – Speaking at ease 

  • Developing a dialogue 
  • Living in a collectif 
  • New way to think a group’s cohesion
  • Compromise
  • Talk in front of many people and in front of cameras with more self confidence
  • Become brave 
  • Make mistake 
  • Talk in english without stopping to talk 
  • Feeling more comfortable with speaking in english in front of a group 

Creative/technical skills : 

  • Learn how to paint on walls 
  • How to use a recorder
  • How to develop films and pictures
  • Organizing a workshop
  • Organizing a shared living space
  • Improvement in languages skills : French ; English ; Italian 
  • Knowledge in music + recordings
  • How to stamp pictures

Trunk :

These sticky notes implied : 

Impacts on the environment of the people of Sapass:

  • Hope that big changes come with the project
  • Feeling less scared than before to do something 
  • Feel more confident + better communication with people 
  • Talking about the project got other people involved and part of the experience
  • Making sense in our lives 
  • Questions also : Are our cities ready for change ? 
  • What vision on the long term ?

The futur or presents impacts within the people of SAPASS:

  • New way to approach the city 
  • Futur of SAPASS → Comm’on : Futur collectives ? 
  • Making sense in our cities / Organisations 
  • “I realize how beautiful it is to grow up together”
  • Making people understand what we are doing in the project and why it’s important
  • “My “territory” is bigger; I feel home in a lot of places 
  • Being part of a project is less scary than before 
  • I got curious about other culture and way of thinking.
  • Through others, I have known myself better.

The roots

This part focused on the emotional part of the project, and how people felt in it, and the negative and positive things that marked them. 

Positive : 

  • Huge impacts on my dreams 
  • Sense of belonging 
  • Hope – Energy – Love 
  • Feeling empowered 
  • “Everytime we get together, the joy and love that are tangible”
  • Big plans to work in collectives/community 
  • I’m so hopeful and glad 
  • Diversity in the participant’s profiles 
  • Growth with myself 
  • Discovery of cultures 
  • Very strong new relationships with people.

Negative : 

  • “Hasty” → Rush in the work and the meetings by times to times 
  • Speaking in english.
  • Lack of time to go further.
  • Involving new members ? About the next step of the project;
  • Having to share a bathroom between 30 people (lol)