Report Rennes – January 2020

Youth mobilizations from Rennes during COME:ON!

1st semester of 2020

COME:ON! aims to support the development of alternative spaces for young people and citizens to improve their engagements. The vacant buildings in european cities are a way to develop temporary uses of spaces and to make stronger translocal communities.

COME:ON! process is based on youth work methods in 7 cities (Rennes, Manchester, Bologna, Riga, Timișoara, Sibiu and Brussels). The creation of collective spaces of young people who have some experiences of temporary uses in vacant buildings at local level develop groups of youth experts, especially with young members of local associations and refugees. These process of youth empowerment are reported in two deliverables shared with the European Youth Together program : a Youth Cultural Involvement Study (september 2020) and a Living Charter of Youth Cultural Rights (march 2021).

In Rennes, the local group of young people was created with Keur Eskemm and d’Ici ou D’ailleurs (DIDA) involved in the “Migration, Youth and Mobility” program and in the SAPASS network. They worked during two workshops in january and february 2020. The main ideas of these sessions are reported here after.

Please find the full report here