Remodel Manchester – in our own words –

We are a creative collective, together we want to help Remodel the way that culture in Manchester is seen and accessed, in the hope that young people feel they can be creative in their city.

RemodelMCR is an autonomous creative collective formed through our involvement in PARTISPACE and SAPASS. Remodel MCR are a newly formed collective made up of creatives, artists and cultural workers, youth and community advocates. RemodelMCR are aiming to remodel the way that culture in Manchester is experienced and accessed by illuminating the power of creativity and opening up access for young people to be seen and heard.

RemodelMCR’s first project has been funded by ESRI Seed Corn funding MMU. We are co-producing an interactive cultural guide of Manchester, in the hope that it gives youn people the tools to explore their city in new ways…

Here is the results of a Remodel process :

Every Thursday and Friday throughout the month we will be posting 2 pictures along with a quote from a member of the collective. Asking the question “What is Remodel to you?”‬

Each picture featured in this film has been picked by a member of the collective as a picture that sums up Remodel to them!

More infomations on the website