Perspectives on Culture and The Reinvention of the Future – in Bologna

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This video was created to stimulate a debate during the meeting on-line (july 2020) about the reaction to the covid crises of different protagonists of the cultural life in Bologna.


After the experimentation imposed by the last months of lockdown, culture, in its organizational, creative and economic complexity, is changing its forms and contexts, moving more and more often on platforms or generally adopting digital solutions. Online exhibitions, streaming for cinema, listening to music online are not a novelty of these months, but have integrated a cultural system already undergoing transformation, suddenly accelerating a series of difficulties. Certainly what has happened has put us in front of the need to rethink the moments of sharing spaces and contexts. So we decided to interview people working in the cultural field to understand how they imagine a possible and desirable future for their work and for the accessibility and enjoyment of culture.

To know the past, understand the present and be able to orient oneself in the future: this is the foundation which the production of ā€œš—£š—˜š—„š—¦š—£š—˜š—–š—§š—œš—©š—˜š—¦ š—¢š—” š—–š—Øš—Ÿš—§š—Øš—„š—˜ & š—§š—›š—˜ š—„š—˜š—œš—”š—©š—˜š—”š—§š—œš—¢š—” š—¢š—™ š—§š—›š—˜ š—™š—Øš—§š—Øš—„š—˜ā€ is based on. The aim of this mini doc – curated by SMK Factory and Baumhaus network – is to portray the organizational, creative and economic complexity of a cultural industry which is at present continually forced to transform itself.

In anticipation of our final interview snippet, we would like to express our sincere thanks to Marco Pignatiello (ARCI Bologna), Marte Bernardi e Mattia Della Casa (Cinema Teatro Galliera), Roberto Dalle Donne (lighting technician), M. (visual artist), Chiara Ioli and Elena Guidolin (Colletivo Franco) for having accepted our invitation to share their respective viewpoints. Thank you! ā¤ļø

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