CiviCultura in Timisoara

CiviCultura consists of actions that promote the civic engagement of Timisoara’s inhabitants, helping them to find the courage to change their role from beneficiaries of local projects into volunteers and even initiators. The main activity, the core performance of the project, was simultaneously presented in different noncentral public areas of the city, which were connected through live video systems. It included several interdisciplinary artistic moments, which engaged both the artists and the citizens in an original experience, during a week of rehearsals and events. The topic of this performance focuses on debunking and disproving harmful myths or commonly held perceptions such as: “nothing changes anyway” or we are too small or alone to do something”, with regards to engagement effectiveness. It directly addressed the issues that they have and the change that people want, as well as issues and proposals formulated and collected in advance from the same places. Their collection is an important part of the project because these actions will facilitate the receptivity of the engaged public towards the actions of the NGOs and of the informal groups within the community, as well as their engagement in civic actions. CiviCultura is a performance of the city bringing the inhabitants under the spotlight, showing them they aren’t the only ones to have such preoccupations and trying to make them aware of their power to change the society, when working in a community of engaged citizens.

Please find the full report – 2019

Here you will find the CiviCultura videos playlist